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What Can You Save on a new Gas Boiler?

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Gas is by far the most commonly used heating fuel in the UK. However, what most people don't realise is that old boilers don't only burn gas, they also burn through your pockets!

Your boiler is the most important part of keeping your house warm and it's important to understand why your old boiler may be costing you more to run than a brand new replacement.

The annual savings of a new boiler is generally dependant on the efficiency of your old boiler. Boiler efficiency is generated based on the age and type of your unit. Efficiency is categorised in a A-G system; A-rated boilers have an efficiency of 90% or higher, G-rated boilers have an efficiency of 70% or lower. The higher your efficiency, the higher percentage of the gas you pay for actually goes towards your heating.

Since October 2010, all new boilers have to have an efficiency of at least 88%.

Here is how much the Energy Saving Trust predicts you could save per year on your fuel bills with a new gas boiler:

This calculation can of course vary, depending on the size of the boiler you require, the floor area of your property and the number of radiators connected to your boiler.

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